Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Why does it rain at once?

It's been such a week of "think Tash think"... it's raining (metaphorically) at the moment with the challenges life send you.. ok, actually heaving down!  Why do things happen all at once which means your undivided attention is split, in two, in three!
1. I'm greatful that I've not had to be on the receiving end of the blood I donate regularily (ok today was my second time this year, but apparently I'm going to get called every three months)
2. (after 10 minute thinking pause...) That my friend took photos of the house I vacated in Feb for when it had to go to the tenancy tribunal to get my bond back!
3. That I dont a medical condition or been in a traumatic accident that I need platelits (maybe spelt wrong)
4. That my kids enjoy creative/musical side of school life. The bi-annual Music Festival tonight at Bruce Mason Theatre and tomorrow night an Evening of Music at my eldests Intermediate where I can see her play her flute and sing in the prerformance choir. Along with all the other talented kids that I will see which over the two days range from year 5 up to year 8's... choirs are so soulfully uplifting.
5. That tomorrow I have a half day

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