Wednesday, March 14, 2012

February 2012

Gift to my girls Nana for having them and their sister over to stay. Hope Island. Gold Coast
Miss 12 returned to Intermediate, final year before High School.  Miss 10 started her final year at Primary.

Miss 12 first A- in Intermediate

Won tickets to Roxette, Auckland hour later cancelled.

HATE costs of school

first day of school - Year 8
Stupid online digital learning

Found out I needed glasses WAAAHHHH

Started planning my girls step sisters birthday cake.

Started my girls Nana's thank you Scrapbook page for their trip to Oz...

BEST DISCOVERY of the Month!  The UK book site The Book Depositry.  WOW talk about Cheap!!!!! Completed Miss 12's series of Hunger Games and The City of Glass etc books.  Miss 10 has a double book of Dork Diaries, ordered Miss 10's Saxaphone book for $10!  $22 here!!! BUT BEST THING EVER the lovely blue covers of the series i adore is for sale...

Sweet Sixteen!

Last week my daughter's step sister turned Sweet Sixteen. Our gift to her was a homemade passionfruit white chocolate mud cake.  It took us about a week and was well worth the effort. I'm going to pin up everything on my pinterest board to share further details.  It was a great family effort and I had loads of fun chosing the design etc with my girls.
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