Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Why does it rain at once?

It's been such a week of "think Tash think"... it's raining (metaphorically) at the moment with the challenges life send you.. ok, actually heaving down!  Why do things happen all at once which means your undivided attention is split, in two, in three!
1. I'm greatful that I've not had to be on the receiving end of the blood I donate regularily (ok today was my second time this year, but apparently I'm going to get called every three months)
2. (after 10 minute thinking pause...) That my friend took photos of the house I vacated in Feb for when it had to go to the tenancy tribunal to get my bond back!
3. That I dont a medical condition or been in a traumatic accident that I need platelits (maybe spelt wrong)
4. That my kids enjoy creative/musical side of school life. The bi-annual Music Festival tonight at Bruce Mason Theatre and tomorrow night an Evening of Music at my eldests Intermediate where I can see her play her flute and sing in the prerformance choir. Along with all the other talented kids that I will see which over the two days range from year 5 up to year 8's... choirs are so soulfully uplifting.
5. That tomorrow I have a half day

Monday, June 27, 2011



Just trying out the Blogger option from Picasa :) Donuts we made for the girls cousin Jordan's bday lunch in the weekend.
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Have to start recording these for personal purposes! Here's as good as any.
I was at Glassons at the weekend looking at a cardigan I have my eye on.  Jaimee hates clothes shopping with a passion.  She puts her arm around me and says "Mum, I'll show you what I like!".  Ok, I reply.  She leads me to the front of the shop and I start thinking something's up.  I look at her when she stops and points to the entrance to the shop "It's called the door!"... 
Shannon and I just laughed.  She wasnt being cheeky, she was trying to be original because her usual methods to get me "out the door" have stopped working :)

Dig Deep!

When you are so angry at the world and pissed off enough to combust you have to DIG DEEP to find five things to be greatful about.
1. I'm greatful I work across the road from the BEST sushi shop in the world
2. That I live in Auckland this week, not Whangarei 
3. That my requested annual leave for this week and in July was approved
4. Morning Hugs (mentioned before but they're so good!)
5. Family birthday lunches at Whangaparoa

Friday, June 24, 2011


My first attempt to scrap about my girls and two of their cousins. Not 100% happy with it but it'll do for now :) Made at the lovely home of

Who's not thankful it's Friday?

1. Friday lunch with the triangle
2. Farmers Red Dot Sale. The red Slazenger jacket I've had my eyes on forever is 50% off so I got it for $30. Very very very HAPPY!
3. Successfully didnt buy a bottle of wine this whole week... Now I can enjoy one tonight (glass... not bottle... well no...)
4. Successfully hasnt had a ciggy for the week, again only leaving for the weekend!
5. Washing all done last night... no washing this weekend YIPPEEE, except it's ok beause I am IN LOVE with my new washing machine :)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Oh the pain! But Grateful I Am :)

This is going pretty well. Day three of being thankful!  It's pretty hard to be thankful when your head is pounding from a headcold tho :)
1. Thankful/Greatful that a trader that I royally stuffed up the trade on understood when I apologised and explained what went wrong. Therefore I didnt get a red face, which would have been my first after over 500 positive feedbacks.
2. Thankful I posted a book i couldnt remember a title on on "GoodReads" and the forum found it for me.
3. As per previous, thankful i dont live in ChCh (again, much love) or Japan today after their new EQ
4. That I got to go to the GNR concert in Auckland Mt Smart back in 1993.
5. That I can go watch my girls netball games by swapping my lunches

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Today I give thanks...

I'm grateful for...
1. Working down the back of the office when you need to hide
2. Morning Hugs
3. TVNZ on Demand (at work eek)
4. That we did the pamphlets last night instead of tonight when it's gonna rain
5. Discovering on my Itunes :0)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Oh Oh - Number 6 - Special Mention

Special Mention #6
6. I am grateful I have discovered how to update my blog by email WOOOPEEEEE

Gratitude Diary

Ok, let's try this gratitude thing... Today I am thankful for... Friday Fives... oops no, that's another subject lol.
I recently recommended a very close friend write down daily five things in a diary, what she is greatful for because she was feeling down.  Her family is just beautiful and my friend is just so amazingly talented that from outside looking in she was just A-MAZE-ING.  Then this morning a good work colleague mentioned she did it too.  I remember doing it many many moons ago at the suggestion of Oprah.  I found my old diaries when I moved recently and that list of five just made me feel so much better and bought back precious memories... so here goes... at 4.22pm on this chilly June evening while I'm supposed to be working.... the five things I am grateful today are:
1. That I got my eldest out the door this morning without either of us upsetting each other due to her touchy-pubescent-feelings
2. That I discovered the new Wrap place across the road is no where near as good as the Best In The Whole Wide World Sushi shop next door
3. That I'm almost on top of todays work emails
4. That I dont live in Christchurch (much love to our Cantabrians xoxo)
5. That I have ITunes on my work computer
Ok, small and insignifficant but it's a start!

Clicky Cliques

How is it that we encourage our kids that yes it's ok to have their own friends but be respectful of others and their differences and don't treat them badly just because they're not in your clique - that their parents think it's ok to act in that manner?!? 
Parent Cliques can promote the worst behaviour from the adults and watch out if you're not in the clique when the PARENTS (ok coffee sucking Mums who dont have to work full time) if you're not in it.  I'm not in the "me and my daugher are greater than yours" clique (luckily) - or the reject clique (phew... no offence!)... I like to think I'm in the "I'll chat and say hi to everyone doesnt mater who you are" clique.
I don't mind if individuals think that they are better because of their income/house/family connections/triple A+ award winning kids.  What I do mind is when their self centred views spill over to their kids and the kids around their kids. 
AARGH - it's even frustrating me writing this because I dont know how to explain what I'm thinking which is:  You may define yourself to make yourself feel good by the parent clique you belong to but PLEASE dont let your self centred selfish views spill over into public just becuase YOU arent getting your way with something your CHILD is having a go at!!! 
It's only Primary School peoples!!!!