Friday, July 15, 2011

Thanks and much respect

Thank you for Max, one of my most loved friends from times gone by.  Thank you for my first nightclub experience hehehehe.  Thank you for the Boxing Day BBQ's. Thank you for letting me experience family trips, camping trips. Thank you for giving me a chance when Max's Dad was dubious about me because of who my brother is. Thank you for having me over for many sleepovers with Max. Thank you for having me with Max at the fun times we had over at Sharon's (that was way way way in the past lol). Thank you for being such a cool and open Mum... I aspire to be like that with my kids. Thank you for heming my 5th form ball dress when to my horror my mum made it go past my knees. Thank you for your wise words you used to dish out which when you're young and know it all dont seem so wise.  It feels like I'm saying Thank You too late but I think you can hear me and I can just see you nodding. I've probably never told you but when I think back about our younger years you feature highly and I thank you for the great memories you have given me. Thank you Geraldine. Thank you!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It's been a while...

since I've sat down to think about the five things I'm grateful today. It all went down hill when I came down with a super bad bout of flu... i guess it seemed inevitable since my kids had had it, a week each.  Nice to return to work refreshed tho.
1. Freedom. I am grateful I can come and go as I wish. If i wish to drive down the road to get milk I can. If I dont want to leave the office bang on 5 I dont, if I want to stay up till 1am I can.  I can do as I want when I want (any other time except for when I'm at work)
2. Being left alone at work so that in the off days I can hide and surf the net to get myself remotivated.
3. When Shannon goes to bed I can play on her Android Phone.  OMG It's so flash! I want one!!! She bought it out of her own paper round money!
4. That I finally talked to Mum about what I'd been avoiding for three weeks.
5. Happy I've discovered that if I dont cram my dishwasher FULL it works fine :)