Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Clicky Cliques

How is it that we encourage our kids that yes it's ok to have their own friends but be respectful of others and their differences and don't treat them badly just because they're not in your clique - that their parents think it's ok to act in that manner?!? 
Parent Cliques can promote the worst behaviour from the adults and watch out if you're not in the clique when the PARENTS (ok coffee sucking Mums who dont have to work full time) if you're not in it.  I'm not in the "me and my daugher are greater than yours" clique (luckily) - or the reject clique (phew... no offence!)... I like to think I'm in the "I'll chat and say hi to everyone doesnt mater who you are" clique.
I don't mind if individuals think that they are better because of their income/house/family connections/triple A+ award winning kids.  What I do mind is when their self centred views spill over to their kids and the kids around their kids. 
AARGH - it's even frustrating me writing this because I dont know how to explain what I'm thinking which is:  You may define yourself to make yourself feel good by the parent clique you belong to but PLEASE dont let your self centred selfish views spill over into public just becuase YOU arent getting your way with something your CHILD is having a go at!!! 
It's only Primary School peoples!!!!

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