Thursday, June 23, 2011

Oh the pain! But Grateful I Am :)

This is going pretty well. Day three of being thankful!  It's pretty hard to be thankful when your head is pounding from a headcold tho :)
1. Thankful/Greatful that a trader that I royally stuffed up the trade on understood when I apologised and explained what went wrong. Therefore I didnt get a red face, which would have been my first after over 500 positive feedbacks.
2. Thankful I posted a book i couldnt remember a title on on "GoodReads" and the forum found it for me.
3. As per previous, thankful i dont live in ChCh (again, much love) or Japan today after their new EQ
4. That I got to go to the GNR concert in Auckland Mt Smart back in 1993.
5. That I can go watch my girls netball games by swapping my lunches

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