Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Gratitude Diary

Ok, let's try this gratitude thing... Today I am thankful for... Friday Fives... oops no, that's another subject lol.
I recently recommended a very close friend write down daily five things in a diary, what she is greatful for because she was feeling down.  Her family is just beautiful and my friend is just so amazingly talented that from outside looking in she was just A-MAZE-ING.  Then this morning a good work colleague mentioned she did it too.  I remember doing it many many moons ago at the suggestion of Oprah.  I found my old diaries when I moved recently and that list of five just made me feel so much better and bought back precious memories... so here goes... at 4.22pm on this chilly June evening while I'm supposed to be working.... the five things I am grateful today are:
1. That I got my eldest out the door this morning without either of us upsetting each other due to her touchy-pubescent-feelings
2. That I discovered the new Wrap place across the road is no where near as good as the Best In The Whole Wide World Sushi shop next door
3. That I'm almost on top of todays work emails
4. That I dont live in Christchurch (much love to our Cantabrians xoxo)
5. That I have ITunes on my work computer
Ok, small and insignifficant but it's a start!

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