Monday, March 21, 2011

The First Term of the School Year

Awwww the first term of the school year! Usually involves trials for everything, camps, EOTC's, signing up to EVERYTHING... we encourage our kids to go for it but realistically how do we then manage it? My eldest has just started Intermediate and they are constantly encouraged to be the best they can and join everything and I was the same... "Experience everything - I said - these are the two years before things get REALLY serious"

The permission forms start rolling in and I kid you not - within the space of four weeks for what ever reason all the extras cost over $1k! It's insane and I just shake my head at the stress this adds onto the added stress of New Uniforms, Stationery, Fees, Donations etc etc... I'm a two child family - how do you afford it with more than two... I'm a single income home and i'm so thankful that I work full time now.

There has to be a cut off too I guess - My eldest is doing three extra-mural activities and my youngest will be as well.

I've deviated off track a bit. The only thing on my mind was how hectic it is to try and understand my daughters schedule. I run a calander or would have NO CLUE and somehow I got onto the PRICE it costs to get her to participate in school life.

Aaah way off track lol