Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It's been a while...

since I've sat down to think about the five things I'm grateful today. It all went down hill when I came down with a super bad bout of flu... i guess it seemed inevitable since my kids had had it, a week each.  Nice to return to work refreshed tho.
1. Freedom. I am grateful I can come and go as I wish. If i wish to drive down the road to get milk I can. If I dont want to leave the office bang on 5 I dont, if I want to stay up till 1am I can.  I can do as I want when I want (any other time except for when I'm at work)
2. Being left alone at work so that in the off days I can hide and surf the net to get myself remotivated.
3. When Shannon goes to bed I can play on her Android Phone.  OMG It's so flash! I want one!!! She bought it out of her own paper round money!
4. That I finally talked to Mum about what I'd been avoiding for three weeks.
5. Happy I've discovered that if I dont cram my dishwasher FULL it works fine :)

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