Friday, February 15, 2013

Where Do YOU Read???

Overlooking Coomera River, Hope Island,
Gold Coast, Australia, I've curled up
on the outdoor furniture with my Kindle
It suddenly came to me while I was sitting at my desk at work, reading my Kindle, I could share the odd places I'm lucky enough to curl up and have a good read, in particular the random places I mention in my reviews, just like authors blog about where they write and in the hopes that maybe it'll start a chain reaction and you will all share those odd places YOU love to curl up and have a good read.  

Buzzy Bee, Takapuna Rose Gardens,
didnt notice them while lost in a story

I'm very fortunate and thankful to hail from beautiful New Zealand. I'm a super proud Kiwi and always love to give a digital high-five the New Zealand authors who are doing so well in such huge world.  I live in the beautiful North Shore City and in Summer I am surrounded by beautiful beaches and beauty. I couldn't wish for a better place to raise my family.

I've been known to note that I don't learn by from my #1 rule... DON'T read “just” the first chapter at work… it’s never JUST the first chapter.  If the first chapter captures me then usually EEEK I'm caught between a rock and a hard place desperately wanting to carry on all the while knowing I'm paid to work not read :(  I work in a lovely office and my job is 99% computer based. So here's my work desk.  

My exciting work Desk

Not much to note about my desk. I usually have three coffee cups on my desk at any one time… half finished grrrr. My fave mug is my Starbucks Mug. We all work with two screens because we use many apps.  Various pics of my girls litter my desk and I have a little stack of coloured pens and felts to update my calendar with.  My coaster reads: If it's not fatal, it's no big deal.  It's true people, take the time to smell the roses, you never know what's around the corner.I have an old rock in the shape of a T which Miss 13 found many many years ago on the beach while she was away visiting my parents. It makes me smile.  What also makes me smile is the random notes Miss 11 leaves when she visits me at work.  The latest “To Mum. Pineapples are Rad, Luv Jim Jam” ...don’t ask,
I don’t…  

Rose Gardens, Takapuna
Straight across the road from work in the hustle and bustle of Takapuna is a beautiful rose garden park.  We've been experiencing the most beautiful summer here in NZ so at lunchtime I go there with my lunch and devour as many chapters as I can.  I cant begin to explain how perfect a setting it is to get lost in a story.  In my pic if you look closely you'll see the main road with buses and cars whizzing around the streets yet the park is so peaceful.  This isn't my seat, i prefer the park benches the park has, that way I can lean back and share my pasty white legs with the sun. Students lay on the grass and tan while toddlers are across the way swinging high in the playground with their Mums and Grandparents.

Coomera River, Gold Coast,
at Mt Tamborine, a storm's brewing

I've  recently mentioned I had the luxury of reading a few books in Hope Island, Gold Coast,(Riverleigh Gardens) overlooking Coomera River with the backdrop of Mt Tamborine.  How blessed was I.  I wish you could see the Kindle on my lap while I was taking pics of the sudden storm brewing.  The kindle also made a trip to Wet and Wild.

Miss 13, Albany Lakes,
Spot the Kindle...
Last Saturday after Miss 11 finished her swimming lessons we went and had an icecream and went for a walk along stunning Orewa Beach.  Four hours later… I had finished my latest novel and the kids had had a ball on the beach. 

This Summer I have also read my Kindle on the bus, at home, in the car, twice at our local curry restaurant Bollywood in Takapuna at lunch time and at Albany Lakes while the Kids rollerbladed... 

So that's it from me... if you've made it this far, high five LOL... Where are the random places your Kindle has been with you... or better yet share your blog and pics below :)


  1. You have so many blogs! I didn't know where to leave a comment, but I liked looking at your photos here, so .....

    Great to meet you at Nas' blog!

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