Saturday, February 11, 2012

January 2012 (wow, what a stunning title!)

Just a pic I took in the Koru Club Lounge
The beginning of the year is such a good time to clean out the closet (so to speak) and start new with well meaning plans on how to improve your life in the upcoming year.

One of the crafty type blogs I follow is doing a weekly digital scrapbook about their life this year.  You purchase the folder and each week there's a challenge, so at the end of the year you end up with a digital scrapbook of memories with other "challenges" thrown in.

GREAT concept - if I didnt work full time while raising Miss 12 and Miss 10.  I thought I'd love to do a monthly one, a monthly "normal" scrap layout page rep-ing that month.  I've just had a great idea, I'll write on here my highlights of Jan and then scrap it later.

The View flying out of Auckland
First and foremost highlight!  My girls and their stepsister went to Australia for two weeks to stay with their Nana and Poppa in Hope Island Resort.  Highlight for them because it was my girls first ever trip on a plane... Highlight for me because - well two weeks break really!  Two weeks of quiet, feeding myself, fighting myself for the remote, me me me me!  SUPER DUPER QUADRUPLE TRIPE DELIGHT Highlight tho was I was going over with their Grandad to pick them up and bring them home!  It was a surprise and it was so hard keeping it from them.  This whole story is another blog in itself.
Leaving the Gold Coast

Their Grandad turned 60 and there was a party with all the family.

My brother moved from up North to closer to Huntly.

Annual Picnic with the Russells at Long Bay Beach for Auckland Anniversary Weekend.  We have a Public Holiday for every region.  Ours is usually always at the end of January.

BAD Summer weather... as in it wasnt even Hot.  Maybe 1 day out of 10 the sun came out.  The rest of the time was grey and yuck... In fact the last week the girls were in Oz it was flooding (eeeeekkk... memories of the 2011 Jan floods I was thinking at the time)... we had three attempted landings to get into the Gold Coast Airport.
Rainy Gold Coast Airport

Funny sign at customs in Auckland Int Airport
That should be more than enough to get a page together to remember January 2012.

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